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Jamel Dotson
CoolAKA Indiana SlimYell
Is the hottest untapped comedic talent
In the Mid-West.
Get with the WhiteBread movement.
This guy is Hilarious!

A Toast To The Talented


Life is easy when nothing is expected of you. When every advance past failure is victory, you bear no weight other than that which you place on yourself. They say that to whom much is given much is expected. I give a toast to the talented. Your struggles only seem so because you are expected to overcome them. Where would the world be without superheroes, its human exceptions to the rule? Fear has no place in the hearts of the faithful. Gird well your talent. Step out boldly onto your dreams, 4 with them goes the worlds potential for progress.

Another clip of Indiana's finest untapped comedic talent Jamel Dotson giving his take on the Democratic National Convention



Link to Jamel Dotson Youtube page

Link Jamel Dotson Facebook Page



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Welcome to the new JDynasty
Comedy Club Dynasty 55
We are very pleased to bring
To you some of the best
In Local & International
Local Comedian

Up and on our Stag
"Indiana Slim"Jamel Dotson
A very Funny Funny Entertainer from The Mid-West
We really hope you enjoy this very funny Comrdian

Our Employees


Published on Aug 16, 2012

Vote for this man! He is everything that 106 and park could use (we say this with confidence). Jamel is a highly talented individual, with a vast network that spans across the globe. Nationally known, and Internationally recognized,


Jamel Dotson would be an ample addition to anyones program,

but I can think of no better venue for a personality like Jamel to not just participate in,

but to entertain while adding a level of depth and scope that 106 & park could only benefit from.



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Jamel Dotson

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