Planet Pluto & J-Dynasty 55

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Let it be known that as of 2009 the Planet known as Pluto is now here by claim by
J-Dynasty 55 and the West Coast Hip Hop Rap R&B Jazz Underground Musical Nation.
The Underground Musical Nation also claim all Moons in Pluto's orbit which is on
The Kuiper Belt in the Binary System which from this day forth will
Be known as The Underground Musical Planet..





If you would like to be apart of this
 Peaceful Musical Take Over of this Planet
This is all you have to do..
* Email us for info
* Be apart of some Musical Production
* Willing to Promote the movment musically




In this area, we may provide a detailed description of how
 we manufacture a particular product.

For example, in-mold labels can take up to three weeks to produce. We begin in the pre-press department,
followed by plate making, and finally end the process by printing and packaging the labels.

For more information contact us by phone or e-mail.

"Johnson Dynasty 55 Inc."
La Verne Ca.91750

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